6830: 1980's Japanese Woman's Kimono Fabric, Deadstock Silk, 49in. Piece

6830: 1980s Japanese Silk, close1

Catalog# 6830

1980's Japanese Silk Fabric  Piece
Originally For Woman's Kimono

Width: 14.25 inches / 36.2 cm
Length: 49 inches / 124.46 cm

US$18.00  per piece

USA Shipping Included Under 4 Lbs Package Weight

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1980's pieces derived from deadstock roll of Japanese silk (Deadstock means old inventory which is like new but has been in storage, never been used.)

Fabric Description: lightweight fabric originally used to make woman's kimono; no-sheen, little drape; navy-blue solid background with colorful tsubo (Porcelain containers used in traditional home or building surrounding gardens called tsuboniwa*); fabric is slightly textured, but not quite a chirimen; The containers are arranged randomly, both singly and in pairs; Colors are a mix of bright and deep shades, a variety of colors; same on both sides.

 * Cultural Background Information:  The tsubo used in this motif refer to ceramic decorated containers used in traditional Japanese gardens attached to homes, businesses - and historically to palaces and aristocrat residences in pre-modern Japan; A blog,  RealJapaneseGardens  has an interesting and detailed explanation of these gardens, going back centuries to the Heian Period, some of it quoted below:

 "The courtyard garden – called tsuboniwa in Japanese – is a garden in a small, enclosed area. The gardener does not fill it up. […]Instead, he carefully arranges a few items […] He links the garden compositionally to his home. And he exploits numerous untouchables: wind direction, sounds, seasons, sunlight, the true and apparent dimensions of empty space."....

Visit  Real Japanese Gardens.

Condition: Excellent.

    $ 18.00

    6830: 1980's Japanese Woman's Kimono Fabric, Deadstock Silk, 49in. Piece