6817: 1980's Deadstock Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric,Floral,Ornate,yard

6817:1980s Japanese Kimono Silk, longView

Catalog #6817
Vintage Japanese Textiles:

 1980's Japanese Silk
Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric by the yard

(Furisode Type,Ornate, Classic Floral, Noshi, More)

Width:14.5 inches / 36.83 cm
Length: 51 inches  / 129.54 cm

US$20.00 per piece
USA Shipping included  under 4 pounds package weight

Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1980's fabric, deadstock (like new, never used from another era) for use in making a ceremonial woman's silk kimono(probably furisode); 100% Japanese silk.

Fabric Type: Light-medium weight printed silk originally for use in making formal woman's kimono; Full designs are print on one side; Motif is based on a background of large-scale traditional colorful noshi, decorative ribbons used with gift wrapping (To see the cultural info on Noshi, please visit HERE), with many flowers large and small as foreground; Interwoven throughout are diamond shapes in even grid that have slightly cursive herringbone look; fabric color is a pale peach with predominant hues for motifs of lavender, mauve and pinks; other colors are black, off-whites and deep Fuschia colored accents in some places; The fabric has soft sheen and nice drape; designs on one side.
Note on colors: As all devices have differing coloration & contrast, please use our text descriptions of colors to complement your sense of the color of the fabric.

Recommended for making scarf or accessories

Condition: Excellent.

$ 20.00

6817: 1980's Deadstock Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric,Floral,Ornate,yard