6786: 1980s Japanese Cotton Deadstock Zabuton Pillow Case Fabric, 5 Pieces

6786: Zabuton Cover Fabric, top/bottom

Catalog# 6786

Vintage Deadstock sold as Lot:

1980s Set of Five(5) Zabuton Sitting Pillowcase Fabrics

Each piece measures:

Width: 44 inches / 111.76 cm
(This is the 22" top & bottom)

Length: 22 inches / 55.88 cm
Depth/Height: 5 inches / 12.7 cm

US$35.00 for lot of 5 pieces

USA Shipping Included Under 4lbs carton weight

Item Details and Description:

  • Fabric History/Pedigree:   Medium weight deadstock cotton (new but unsold stock) estimated from the 1980s, possibly older. Zabuton(s) are the almost-square flat cushions used when sitting on tatami (Japan straw mat flooring) in traditional Japanese homes and establishments; often in chairs as well; To learn more about zabuton, see wikipedia article HERE.

  • Lot Details: This set (sold as lot) contains five fabrics for making 5 Japanese zabuton covers.

  • Fabric Description: Front and Back (pillow's top & bottom) are the same design as the first picture; This is a better quality medium-weight Japanese cotton intended for making zabuton casings;  background color is blue with what appear to be lighter-colored blue bubbles; Designs are colorful flowers & leaves; other colors used: red, dark lavender, browns, grays, and white; 

  • Colors: Please use our text color descriptions to complement your sense of the fabric due to differences in contrast and color on different devices.

  • Condition:  Excellent. 

Below: Wikipedia.org picture of sample gray zabuton used on seat and armrest, used on traditional Japanese tatami flooring.

wikipedia.org  sample of zabuton seat cushion
$ 35.00

6786: 1980s Japanese Cotton Deadstock Zabuton Pillow Case Fabric, 5 Pieces