6769: 1970's Deadstock Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric, Abstract, 48in.Piece

6769: 1970s Abstract Japanese Silk, piece

Catalog #6769

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

 1970's Japanese Silk
Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric by Piece( 48 inches)
Distinctive Abstract Motifs

Width:14.25 inches / 121.92 cm

Length: 48 inches /  91.44 cm

US$15.00 per piece 

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1970s fabric, deadstock (like new, never used from another era) for use in making younger lady's silk kimono; 100% Japanese silk; Received as a partial bolt; designs shown are continuous and on one side; this highly creative modern Japanese abstract design is quite atypical, and almost doesn't look like it's Japanese-designed (IMHO).

Fabric Type: Light-Medium weight textured silk; background color is a dark vermillion with interesting and highly unusual abstract designs using mostly irregularly shaped figures; designs of motifs are suggestive of fans, country scenes, clouds, and water ponds- though highly different from traditional motifs; colors used to render the designs are black, with some instances of green, dark blue, tan and light yellow-mustard colors; the fabric is quite textured as many designs are interwoven; motifs on one side.

Condition: Excellent

$ 15.00

6769: 1970's Deadstock Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric, Abstract, 48in.Piece