6697: 4yds 1960s Deadstock Japanese Kimono Silk Hakkake Fabric

6697: 1950s Hakkake Silk, Daimaru Dept

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

1950s Deadstock Japanese Kimono Silk Hakkake Fabric Bolt

13 inches / 33.02 cm wide
4.16 yards / 3.8 m

Catalog #: 6697


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Fabric History/Pedigree:  Deadstock unsold bolts of fabric, new condition but from another era, 1950s; In original bindings and maker's label, Daimaru Department store, a prominent store chain (Comparable to Macy's in USA) which still exists in Japan. This is an hakkake bolt; see explanation below.

Fabric Description: 100% Japanese fine silk in a salmon color with a touch of orange; the fabric is 4.16 yds / 3.8 m long, originally used for inside liners, cuffs, and edgings in 8 places on an adult kimono, sometimes also used for haori liners.

 Cultural Background Information on Hakkake:

A hakkake means, literally, "8-hanging-fabrics"; The number 8 refers to 8 places on the insides of a kimono where this fabric is used. The graphic below from the Japanese Language website kaitorimania.jp shows the 8 places on a kimono, inner front and back, where the fabric is used. The darker colors (such as this piece) were more commonly used pre-war (before 1945), with lighter whites and pastels used more often from the 1960s onward.

Note: Recommended for use in replacing kimono liners, crafts, and other sewing projects.

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6697: 4yds 1960s Deadstock Japanese Kimono Silk Hakkake Fabric