6627: 1980's Japanese Silk 65"Piece,Ladies Chirimen Silk Kimono Fabric

6627: 1980s Japanese Chirimen Silk, close1

Catalog# 6627

1980's Japanese Silk Piece 
Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric, Chirimen(crepe)

Width:14.125 (14 1/8)inches / 35.88 cm

Length: 65 Inches / 161.1 cm


Shipping to USA included Under 4 Pounds Package Weight

Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1980's chirimen (crepe) silk pieces taken from a de-constructed woman's kimono.

Fabric Description: Chirimen (crepe, textured) light-medium weight silk with background in light tan/cream color; the motif is replete with several different types traditional Japanese country homes, a few small wooden bridges, with full vegetation (many types of flowers, some maple leaves, and classic pine trees); The colors are highly varied but are mostly subdued dark-pastel hues; the dominant range of colors is from light blue-gray to softer colonial blues, as well as shades of dark purple, salmon to dark red as well as dark aqua blues; design intended on one side; Patterns one side, but some visible on the reverse. Fabric has a nice drape; suitable for making scarves or accessories.

Colors: Note that colors and contrast show differently on different devices, please refer to our text description.

Condition: Excellent.

$ 20.00

6627: 1980's Japanese Silk 65"Piece,Ladies Chirimen Silk Kimono Fabric