6611:(SOLD)Collectors Item- Torao Moriyama,Japan Nat'l Living Treasure, Kasuri Sampler

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Vintage Japanese Textiles:

Collectible: Torao Moriyama Kasuri Sampler
Pair of Samplers, attached, sold as lot
Certified Kurume Kasuri (egasuri)
w/Makers Mark, Original Labels

Each Panel:
Width: 14.75 inches / 37.47 cm
Length: 18.5 inches / 46.99 cm

Catalog# 6611: 


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Fabric History/Pedigree: This offering is perhaps more of interest to collectors and Japanese antique textile enthusiasts. This was a  real find, mixed in with our various Arai-Hari fabric pieces and lots; This is a sampler of two Kurume Kasuri (we say "Kurumegasuri" conversationally) pieces attached together, from the Kurume Kasuri home factory which is actually a short drive from our owner's hometown. Top fabric has with full certification of authenticity, maker stamps & labels; It is marked and sealed as the work of Torao Moriyama, a National Living Treasure in Japan. His father was also a national cultural treasure and also named Torao Moriyama (born 1909 -deceased year unknown); This set is the certified work of Torao Moriyama (b.1959?), But as a matter of fact, the present Torao Moriyama changed his given first name to Torao after his father passed away, as his trade name.
  • Note of interest:   You can get a full Kurume Kasuri kimono made by Japanese National Living Treasure, Torao Moriyama, for a mere US$18,944 (according to April 24, 2021 currency rate), oh, shipping fees not included. Check it out HERE.
We list below translations for all the labels shown in our pictures:

 Top Left Corner : Cloth tag sewing 2 pieces together, reads Kurume Kasuri (right to left, pre-war fashion, which leads us to believe this may be from the older Torao, but we can't be sure).

Left Lower Label: Kurume Kasuri, 100% cotton, Association of Kurume Kasuri, Creator: Torao Moriyama, Fukuoka Prefecture, and stamped "Passed".

Central Vertical Label: This is the most important as it certifies Natural Aizome by Torao Moriyama, a registered Japanese living National Treasure (Lit.Cultural Asset).

Right Label:  Kurume Kasuri. Association of Kurume Kasuri

Bottom Interwoven Banner: Authentic Aizome(Indigo Dye) Kasuri Moriyama

Fabric Description:  This sampler is Kasuri which is technically called 'e-gasuri' (picture-kasuri) as it has figures and designs; the top piece design is of Asa-no-ha (hemp leaf) design, a motif seen in Japanese art and textile art going back to Edo Dynasty, several centuries; The second piece is a combination of open fans (uchiwa) and rice containers (bales?); Colors: background is dark indigo blue with the designs in faint light blue.

Fabric Type: Kasuri(ikat), Light-Medium Weight

Condition: Excellent, still slightly stiff, softens with washing -- requires special washing instructions, but this is recommended for display.

Notes on Kasuri in general:

    This is a Japanese country vintage fabric called kasuri (also called ikat in Southeast Asia; ) ; Kasuri is a labor-intensive process where patterns are made by pre-dyed paste resistance and varying techniques used to create the sorts of patterns seen here. Because of the methods used, authentic kasuri is usually highly expensive. More info on kasuri below:

    Cultural Notes on Kasuri (ikat):

    Wikipedia.org, on-line encyclopedia, defines Kasuri as:

    ...a Japanese word for fabric that has been woven with fibers dyed specifically to create patterns and images in the fabric. It is an ikat technique. Kasuri is weft ikat; the warp threads are solid color, and the weft thread is resist-tied in a specific pattern and dyed with indigo to form a picture when the cloth is woven. Japanese ikats are generally weft ikats or double ikats.

    To see a YouTube.com video of the making of traditional indigo kasuri please click HERE .

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      6611:(SOLD)Collectors Item- Torao Moriyama,Japan Nat'l Living Treasure, Kasuri Sampler