6581:1960's Japanese Vintage Kimono Cotton, Shi-Shi Dog,Peonies,Yd

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Catalog# 6581

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

Deadstock 1960's Cotton Kimono Fabric 
Shi-Shi Lion Dogs (Foo Lion-Dogs, Chinese)
& Peonies

Width: 14.25" / 36.2 cm
Length: 1 yard /  91.44 cm  

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Item Details and Description:

  • Fabric History/Pedigree:   lightweight deadstock kimono cotton (new but unsold stock) estimated from the 1960s; This is cotton used to make a kimono (called a yukata); not the thinner bathhouse type fabric; Acquired in a partial roll.

  • Fabric Description: This is a traditional motif of large decorated Shi-Shi Dogs and peonies patterns same on both sides; includes bands that have horizontal pinstripes in groups (some with single silver metallic thread); The Style is evocative of meisen ( a silk from the 1950s characterized by fuzzy edges and large figures); colors of background fabric are mostly as a dark tangerine orange;  other colors used:  burgundy reds, various hues of brown, cream, yellow, dark colonial blue-gray and off-white.

  • Cultural Note: To see an excellent article explaining the history and cultural info on  ShiShi Lion Dogs throughout Asia, visit this page on tofugu.com .

  • Condition:  Excellent. 

    Note:  If purchasing multiple yardages, will be sent in an uncut piece. 
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6581:1960's Japanese Vintage Kimono Cotton, Shi-Shi Dog,Peonies,Yd