6571: Deadstock Woman's Nemaki (Nightwear)1970s Japanese Cotton

6571:Woman nemagi sleepwear,front pkg

1970's Deadstock Japanese Woman's Cotton Nemaki (Nightwear) 
In original  Unopened Packaging
Japan Size: Woman's Large(US Small)

Catalog # 6571


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History/Pedigree: 1970's, a surprise find in a batch of liner and other fabrics in bolts and rolls; Deadstock, unused still in original bindings, labels; packaging is still sealed.

Description:  Based on the labels this is from the Osaka area; Garment is called a nemaki
, sleepwear/Japanese woman's pajamas, 100% Japanese cotton; White fabric with navy-blue floral patterns; This is a Japanese woman's size "Large" from the 70's so it is probably more like a "Small" in today's USA women's size; labeling provides the following measurements:

Length/Height: Good for 155 to 165 cm tall (61inches -- 65 inches)
Girth (open): 140cm / 55.12 inches
Girth (closed): 63cm / 24.8 inches 

Condition:  Excellent (but we have not opened/unsealed it, looks in excellent condition).

$ 35.00

6571: Deadstock Woman's Nemaki (Nightwear)1970s Japanese Cotton