6492: 1960s Japanese Kimono Silk Shibori Fabric, Piece 67" (AraiHari)

6492: 1960s Japanese Silk Shibori, 3/4view

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
1960's  Silk Fabric Piece, Shibori Tie-Dyed

Width: 14.5 inches / 38.1 cm
Length: 67 inches / 170.18 cm

Catalog# 6492:

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Fabric History/Pedigree: Pieces received from traditional Japanese kimono cleaner/reconstructor called Arai-Hari -- see an excellent explanation of traditional Arai Hari by textile expert John Marshall,by click-pushing HERE.

Fabric Description: Lightweight silk is a 1960's fabric piece with background as half dark-red with interwoven geometric patterns with flowers while the other half is in red and white shibori (tie-dyed};  the shibori side's motifs are of irregularly framed 4 or 5-sided shapes, geometric lined and checkerboard type shapes as well as stylized chrysanthemums (all in shibori); note the typical small-dots fields, the hallmark of true shibori; same on both sides.

Condition: Excellent.

Recommended for making scarf or accessory.

$ 25.00

6492: 1960s Japanese Kimono Silk Shibori Fabric, Piece 67" (AraiHari)