6469: SOLD1930s Japanese Asa(Hemp) Noren Hanging Divider

6469: Japan 1930s Asa Noren, full view

Catalog# 6469 SOLD

Vintage 1930's Japanese Asa(Hemp) Fabric
Noren(Hanging Divider)

Width: 106 inches / 269.24 cm

Height: 47 inches / 119.38 cm


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Item Details and Description:

    • Fabric History/Pedigree:   This is an antique noren made of  Asa (hemp/flax-based textile)  estimated from the 1930s. probably pre-war(WWII); Asa is a traditional flax or hemp-based Japanese fabric which was used for centuries in Japan; traditionally used for utilitarian purposes: work clothing, screen or coverings; this piece is a noren, a type of hanging fabric curtain serving as door or room dividers (See about noren in Wikipedia); Asa is stronger and ages better than cotton, but is still rough or stiffer than cotton even after long use; rarely made after the 1950s .

    • Fabric Description: This noren asa is slightly translucent, quite stiff, and aged patina but clean; Color is predominantly a tan-gray with the motifs being in off-white to tan; multiple traditional motifs include: streams, straw thatched-roof houses, wooden bridge, fencing, pine trees, Iris flowers, and bamboo.

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Condition: Very good for its age.

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    6469: SOLD1930s Japanese Asa(Hemp) Noren Hanging Divider