6370: 1980's Japanese Pongee Silk Tsumugi, 58" (Arai Hari)

6370: 1980s Japanese Tsumugi Silk, longview

Catalog# 6370

1980's Rare Japanese Textiles (Arai Hari):

Tsumugi (pongee) Silk Fabric

Width:15 inches / 38.1 cm
Length: 58 inches / 147.32 cm
Honeycomb Pattern

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1980's fabric from kimono pieces  from an Arai Hari (special Japanese kimono cleaner -- see info on Arai-Hari HERE from John Marshall, expert on Japanese textiles .

Fabric Description Details:

This is a  lightweight tsumugi (pongee) silk from 1980s; slightly translucent fabric is black background with interwoven motifs in dark-blue,  design is the same on both sides:  Laterally running stripes which are waving, forming an, even-spaced honeycomb pattern throughout;  Symmetrical array includes 2 inches (5.08 cm) traditional chrysanthemums with smaller diamond-shapes spaced within the curving lateral lines,(see close-ups); the motifs are in low contrast to the background.

Condition: EXCELLENT

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6370: 1980's Japanese Pongee Silk Tsumugi, 58" (Arai Hari)