6334: 1980s Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric, 99in.Furisode Type

6334: 1980s Furisode silk, bottom 27"

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
1980's Deconstructed, Used
Silk Kimono Fabric Piece
(Furisode type)

Width: 14.5 inches / 36.83 cm
Length: 99 inches /  2.51 m

Catalog# 6334

US$30.00 per piece

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Fabric History/Pedigree: 1980s medium-weight silk fabric piece deconstructed from a furisode ceremonial kimono.

Fabric Type:  Major color background is burgundy with a hint of plum; Motifs are 27 inches (68.58cm) from the bottom of stylized cherry blossoms; scanning upward, at 40 inches a second smaller group of blossom motifs is about 11 inches (27.94 cm) deep, the remainder to the top is solid burgundy (about 47 inches/119.38cm). Colors of the motif areas are dark plum, light gold, gray-brown, all subdued except random flowers have metallic gold accents;  suitable for making scarf or accessories.

Colors differ on different devices so please use our text descriptions as reference.

Condition: Excellent.
$ 30.00

6334: 1980s Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric, 99in.Furisode Type