6113: 1980's Japanese Mock-Silk Piece, Deadstock, kimono fabric,2yds

6113: Mock-Silk Nagajuban silk3

1980's Japanese Mock-Silk, Deadstock Nagajuban Fabric -- 2 yards Pieces

Catalog# 6113

Width: 14.25 inches / 36.2 cm

Length: 2 Yards /  1.83 m

US$10.00 per 2 yds.

USA Shipping included under 4 lbs. total package weight

Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1980's pieces derived from deadstock roll of kimono mock-silk (synthetic); (Deadstock means old inventory which is like new but has been in storage, never been used).

Fabric Description: Japanese vintage mock-silk kimono fabric originally intended to make women's kimono or nagajuban; the background is white with interwoven motifs throughout; motifs are: traditional flowers, maple leaves, plum blossoms, and chrysanthemums; slight sheen and drape; same on both sides.

PICTURES NOTE:  As the interweaving does not show well in normal lighting, we have included -- our last two pictures above -- 2 pictures which are darker (intentionally under-exposed) to reveal patterns more readily.

Condition: Excellent.

If ordering more than a minimum of 2 yards, the fabric is sent uncut; if you want other yardage increments, please contact us HERE before ordering, telling us the item number.

    $ 10.00

    6113: 1980's Japanese Mock-Silk Piece, Deadstock, kimono fabric,2yds