6067: 1990's Japanese Cotton Piece,Shibori Tie-Dyed

6067: 1990s Cotton Shibori, yard view

Catalog# 6067

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
Deadstock 1990's Cotton Shibori Fabric
Handsewn, Hibiscus & Butterflies

11" (27.94 cm) , Stretches to 15" (38.1 cm) Wide
1 yard (91.44 cm) Long 

Shibori (Tie-Dyed) Fabric

US$15.00 per piece

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Item Details and Description

We are offering this fine hand-made shibori (tie-dyed) 1990's navy-blue cotton fabric in minimum 1 yard (91.44 cm) lengths. Found in partial roll ; The tiny holes from the shibori ties are visible throughout the fabric which has elastic quality due to the shibori work; there are designs of hibiscus flowers and butterflies; designs and shibori ' dots' colors are white, with accents in pink and salmon-red; Gorgeous traditional shibori work.
Due to the density of the shibori work, fabric spreads from 11 inch width to 15 inches width; deeply textured, probably intended for some sort of sash use.

CONDITION: Excellent
    $ 15.00

    6067: 1990's Japanese Cotton Piece,Shibori Tie-Dyed