5973: 1930's-40's Japanese Kimono Silk Roll, Sales Sampler

5973: 1930s Kimono SalesPerson Roll

Rare and Distinctive 1930's-1940s
Japanese Vintage Deadstock
Salesperson's Chirimen Kimono Silk Fabric Roll

Catalog #: 5973

2.75 yds / 2.51 m

6 Different Patterns


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One partial roll of excellent quality silk fabric from 1930's-1940's Japan, 6 different patterns of kimono silk fabric on a salesperson's sampler roll.

The panel patterns are 13" wide x 16.5" long (33.02 cm x 41.91 cm) and designs on one side only -- but mostly visible the same on the reverse (inside); designs are all very small scale; Each design is numbered, 23 to 28; The entire roll has very fine metallic silver designs interwoven -- reticular and floral quality throughout; See close-ups.

An outstanding example of the type of creativity among the traditional Japanese kimono fabric-makers during and right after World War II. Designs have a traditional feel, but yet they are quite original, even while holding to classical themes and motifs; The fabric is roughly textured (Compared to contemporary Japanese silk chirimen.)

Surely of interest to our Japanophile designers and textile artists out there.

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5973: 1930's-40's Japanese Kimono Silk Roll, Sales Sampler