5928: 1950's Asa(Hemp) Japanese fabric 60 Inches Piece Deadstock

5928: 1950s Japanese kimono asa hemp piece, 1 yard view

Catalog#: 5928

Rare Japanese Asa (Hemp) Fabric 

Deadstock, Never Used from the 1950s

Width: 14 inches / 35.6 cm

Length: 60 Inches / 152.4 cm

US$15.00 / piece 

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1950's Asa (hemp or flax-based)piece derived from partial unused deadstock roll of fabric, one piece 60 Inches /  152.4 cm.

Fabric Description: Japanese vintage traditional asa (hemp)fabric; fabric is stiff and slightly rough to the touch;  Asa was used traditionally for various practical uses such as coverlets or screening, as well as work or utilitarian garments; This one is softer than many of those we see so the designs indicate this was from a summer kimono. The fabric is slightly translucent with texture caused by tiny pinstripes interwoven horizontally; Designs are an unusual collection of figures which look like candelabrae as well as different flowers or plants (Please see close-ups).

Colors: Background is dark navy-blue, almost indigo, with  figures in muted whites (this fabric's background looks black in lower room light).

NOTE ON PHOTOS: The two close-ups are intentionally over-exposed so the background looks lighter than it actually is; this is to better display the figures; also, note please that the first photo of the long view renders the more accurate color, at least on our devices here.

Condition: Excellent.

    $ 15.00

    5928: 1950's Asa(Hemp) Japanese fabric 60 Inches Piece Deadstock