5906: 1970s Japanese Vintage Kimono Silk Fabric, Deadstock, by yard

5906: 1970's Deadstock Japanese Kimono Silk,closeup2
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Vintage Japanese Textiles:
1970's Kimono  Silk Fabric by Yard

Width: 15 inches / 38.1 cm
Length: 1 yard / .91 m

Catalog# 5906:

List Price: US$12.00 per yard (.91m)

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Fabric History/Pedigree: 1 Yard Pieces Derived from deadstock 1970's kimono silk roll.

Fabric Description: Light-medium weight silk for woman's kimono with a complex weave which is fine-lined plaid, except the colors are gradation similar tones shifting from metallic gray, light blues and, lavenders; fabric has a sheen; The effect is of a slight luminescence and the very fine lines which compose the fabric seem to melt together from a distance. There is a very subtle flow of colors in waves -- but this is not always seen in brigher light.

NOTE ON PICTURES: This unusual fabric and its use of colors made it nearly impossible for us to perfectly capture with our present digital photography equipment; suffice it to say, it has an elegance to it and looks different depending on the angle at which it is viewed. Also, in full room light it is a lighter tone gray-silver than our pictures here; The colors of our pictures are as close as we could render them but they don't capture it fully.

Condition: Excellent.

NOTE: If buying multiple yards of this fabric it will be sent in one uncut length.
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5906: 1970s Japanese Vintage Kimono Silk Fabric, Deadstock, by yard