5777: 1950's Japanese KImono Fabric, Kinsha Silk, Floral Rings

5777 1950's Kinsha Fine Silk, 1 yard view

Catalog# 5777

Width:13.5  inches / 34.29 cm

Length: 1 Yards / 91.44 m


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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1950's, 1 yard pieces derived from deadstock roll of special kinsha silk; (Deadstock means old inventory which is like new but has been in storage, never been used)

Fabric Description: Japanese vintage silk kimono fabric used to make woman's kimono.

Fabric Type: Fine, light-weight silk, kinsha, light mustard  color with hint of lime green;  various type flowers interwoven throughout; Motifs are rings or wreaths of flowers running alternating side to side progressing vertically; flower types are many: Aoi, plum and peach blossoms, bamboo, and maple leaves; Colorful, with flower rings having several shades of blue, some burgundy tones as well as greens (see closeups), designs on one side; nice drape.

Suitable for Framing or Hanging Display.

Condition: Excellent. Multiple yards will be shipped in uncut length.

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    5777: 1950's Japanese KImono Fabric, Kinsha Silk, Floral Rings