5731: 1970's Japanese Kimono Silk Fabric,Chirimen,By Piece 43" (AraiHari)

5731 full view, 1970s arai hari kimono silk fabric

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
1960's Kimono Chirimen Silk Fabric Piece

Width: 14.5 inches / 36.83 cm
Length: 43 inches / 109.22 cm

Catalog# 5731:

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Fabric History/Pedigree: Pieces received from traditional Japanese kimono cleaner/reconstructionist called Arai-Hari -- see an excellent explanation of traditional Arai Hari by textile expert John Marshall,by click-pushing HERE.

Fabric Description:  Light-weight silk for women's kimono which is a slight chirimen (crepe) type, textured to the touch;This is a 1970's piece in faint-pinkish cream background; fabric has interwoven traditional country homes in trees; Designs in muted tones of brown, lavenders, some dark emerald greens, purples and rusty-burgundy; flowers are of many types rendered in traditional elegant manner; 

Condition: Excellent. 
$ 10.00

5731: 1970's Japanese Kimono Silk Fabric,Chirimen,By Piece 43" (AraiHari)