5643: 1960's Japanese Silk Kimono Piece, Kinsha, Shibori

5643 closeup view, kinsha silk with shibori

Catalog# 5643 


1960's Japanese Silk Underkimono Fabric
Special Kinsha Type Silk, w/Shibori
Asa-no-ha (Hemp Leaves Motif)


Width: 14 inches / 38.1 cm

Length: 1 yard / 91.4 cm

US$10.00 / yard

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1960's pieces  from deadstock roll of fabric originally intended for making woman's under-kimono (nagajuban).

Fabric Type: Fine, light weight silk called kinsha, slightly textured at the background design lines, interwoven with designs called asa-no-ha, asa (hemp) fabric leaves, a stylized traditional motif often used in backgrounds of fabrics; the patterns are interwoven throughout; Nice drape, slight sheen.

Colors: Background is a very light soft-white with hint of light pink. Designs are irregularly shaped deep red shibori shape about 4.5 inches / 11.43 cm across.

This type of older Kinsha is highly prized among Japanese vintage fabric aficionados. When purchasing multiple yards fabric is shipped in uncut length, unless requested otherwise by customer.

 Condition: Excellent.

Recommended for making scarf, clothing accessory

    $ 10.00

    5643: 1960's Japanese Silk Kimono Piece, Kinsha, Shibori