5513: SOLD 1960's Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric, Undyed, by yard

5513: 1960's Japanese Silk Kimono  Fabric, Undyed, by yard-view1

Catalog #5513


Vintage Japanese Textiles:

 1960's Japanese  Silk
Undyed Silk Kimono Fabric by yard

Interwoven Designs 
Never Dyed, Natural Silk Color
(light beige-white/ivory)

Width:14.5 inches / 36.83 cm
Length: 1 yard  / .91 m

US$10.00 per yard 
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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1960's fabric, deadstock (like new, never used from another era) for use in making higher end lady's silk kimono; 100% Japanese silk; Received as a full roll; designs shown are continuous, stylized varying geometric shapes throughout.

Fabric Type: Light-weight pale creamy ivory color silk -- the natural color of undyed silk; designs are interwoven so on both sides; considerably textured with parts having a chirimen (crepe) feel.

(TECH NOTE: We have intentionally under-exposed some of the images to better reveal the interwoven designs; our pictures show more milk-white in most images here, but in incandescent room light this fabric is definitely a sort of light ivory in color -- the color of raw silk.)

Condition: Excellent.

NOTE: Multiple lengths ordered will be sent in one uncut piece. We have at least 12 yards in this roll; if you want the entire roll please contact us for a quote (discounted).


$ 10.00

5513: SOLD 1960's Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric, Undyed, by yard