5510: SOLD1950's Japanese Asa (flax/hemp) Thin Kimono Fabric by Yard

5510 1950s Deadstock Japanese Asa/hemp Fabric, close-up101

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

Japanese  Asa (Hemp) Fabric

1950's Deadstock Kimono Fabric

Width: 14.5 inches /36.83 cm
Length: 1 yard/ .81m

Catalog# 5510:  


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Fabric History/Pedigree:  1950's Deadstock(never used), Japanese vintage asa (hemp/flax fiber) fabric found in roll; intended for use in making kimono - possibly a haori (coat); 

This is a seldom-seen deadstock asa (flax/hemp) in that most of the asa we find are pieces from old garments or coverlets, whereas this came to us in an unused roll. Asa is a reed-based (flax or hemp) fabric more common in Japan in the pre-World War II era, particularly in the Meiji period and earlier; Asa is much stronger than cotton and lasts longer;

Historically, Asa fabrics were used to make some summer clothing, various covers, cloth to cover cabinet doors or food, mosquito netting and similar utilitarian purposes in old agrarian Japan. 

Fabric Description:  Asa (hemp/flax-based traditional fabric; slightly stiff;  Fabric is slightly translucent (see close-up) but thin, perfect for summer wear; Color is a dark colonial blue with white patterns of flowers.

Condition: Excellent.

NOTE: Sold by yard and if purchasing multiple yards we will ship them uncut as one piece.

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5510: SOLD1950's Japanese Asa (flax/hemp) Thin Kimono Fabric by Yard