5457:1970's Japanese Woman's Nagajuban Fabric,Deadstock Silk(for scarf) SOLD

5457 nagajuban silk,3/4yard view

Catalog# 5457

1970's Japanese Silk Fabric
for Woman's Nagajuban(under-kimono)
(Great for making scarves etc)

Sold in 2 yards minimum,
one yard multiples after that

Width: 14.75 inches / 37.4 cm

Length: 2 Yard / 1.83m

Price per 2 yard-piece (1.83m): US$12.00

Shipping Included Under 4 Lbs to USA

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1970's, pieces derived from deadstock roll of Japanese psilk (Deadstock means old inventory which is like new but has been in storage, never been used.)

Fabric Description: lightweight fabric used to make woman's under-kimono(nagajuban) or kimono liner; excellent drape, good for making scarf, accessories or for textile art dyeing; higher grade Japanese silk.

Colors: Background is extremely pale pink; In lower lighting it looks beige but in close-up incandescent lighting the hint of pink can be seen.
[Technical Note: We have intentionally under-exposed some of the close-ups to render the interwoven patterns more visible].

Motifs: This resembles a common classic traditional Japanese motif using larger size chrysanthemums, but this motif is distinguished because it also has Mallow Flowers (rarely seen with the chrysanthemums). Motifs are interwoven throughout and they have a slightly textured feel to the touch.

Condition: Excellent.

Note: If buying multiples of this, it will be sent in uncut length. 2 yards minimum order, additional yardage at one-yard lengths.IF ORDERING over 2 yards, please EMAIL First and we'll send an invoice to factor in the US$ 6.00-yard rate.

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    5457:1970's Japanese Woman's Nagajuban Fabric,Deadstock Silk(for scarf) SOLD