5426: 1970's Deadstock Japanese Chigusa Tsumugi Cotton Bolt

5426 chigusa tsumugi cotton bolt, full view

Catalog# 5426

1970's  Deadstock Japanese Textiles:
   Chigusa Tsumugi Cotton 

Kimono Fabric Bolt

Width:14.5 inches / 37cm
Length: 12yd / 10.97m

Item Details and Description

This is a high quality 1970's light-medium weight deadstock (new but unsold stock) tsumugi cotton of the chigusa type*(see below);   used for making a woman's kimono. Sold as a  bolt, 11m/12yds. 

Pedigree: This is what is called deadstock -- new/never used but aged, usually from store or company inventory or recyclers. Rolls such as this were turned in to recyclers by businesses or families in the past within Japan; This one is 100% Japanese cotton with slightly textured feel;  found still in original bindings and label.

Description: The fabric design is same on both sides, a plaid with black -navy-blue background and red plaid lines. 

Condition: EXCELLENT, remarkable condition for its age, Like new.[* Cultural

*Background note:

The term chigusa has a special meaning when discussing Japanese textiles, as explained below:

From www.nippon-kichi.jp:

Chigusa is a greenish light blue color extracted from the small blue petals of spiderwort flowers that bloom in the summer. Spiderwort is called “tsuyukusa” in Japanese. Tsuyukusa is also known as “tsukikusa” and chigusa is said to derive from the word, tsukikusa. Spiderwort is a prairie wildflower that grows in fields and by the roadside in summer. The flowers open in the morning, closing again in the afternoon. It is a delicate flower that brings a beautiful touch to the Japanese summer. The color extracted from the flower is very delicate and is easily washed away with water. It is used to draw a rough sketch for Yuuzen style dyeing. Kimonos which were provided by merchants in Kyoto for their apprentices were lightly dyed with indigo plants and had a pale blue color. After a while the color of the kimono would start to fade so it was dyed again. The color arising from repeated dying of the fabric became known as chigusa color, perhaps because when the indigo plant is used lightly as a dye, it is a light green in color that is similar to the blue of fabric dyed with spiderwort. 



Also, from Immortal Geisha Wiki, more tsumugi info HERE.

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5426: 1970's Deadstock Japanese Chigusa Tsumugi Cotton Bolt