5407: 1950's Japanese Silk Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric Piece, Distinctive,Ornate,Chirimen

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Vintage Japanese Textiles:

 1950's Japanese  Silk Chirimen 
Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric Piece

Multiple Classic Traditional Japanese Motifs in different configurations 

Width:14 inches / 35.6 cm
Length: 56 inches / 1.42m

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1950's, found as cut pieces  from Arai Hari (special Japanese kimono cleaner -- see info on Arai-Hari HERE from John Marshall, expert on Japanese textiles). This type silk was intended for use in making higher end lady's  silk kimono; 100% Japanese silk, chirimen (crepe) type but ony slightly textured to the touch; Received as cut pieces.

Fabric Type:  Light-weight multi-colored silk, printed on one side, background colors are evenly off-white, pink and  black(with shibori white embedded); Designs run lengthwise; see pictures for patterns which repeat;

Motifs: Three bands run lengthwise -- one is bordered with small pink at edge, black with white shibori-look dotted background in which geometric shapes run the length,each having different floral designs; Second (middle band) runs lengthwise as well with a metallic gold bright red-orange (vermilion) band edging it; In the middle band space which is cream-white background, are different fans; the opposite side edge finishes with two bands lengthwise, black and pink,the black band has colorful flowers. We took many pictures of all these.

CULTURAL NOTE: In the Fifties, just after the war ended (1945) many of the Japanese textile designers and fashion experts experimented and there was a burst of creativity after the oppressive conditions of pre-1945 Imperial Japan. This fabric seems to be another example of this (IMHO). Here again common traditional symbols and themes were used, but arranged in a creative fashion.

Condition: Excellent.
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5407: 1950's Japanese Silk Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric Piece, Distinctive,Ornate,Chirimen