5403: 1960's Japanese Kimono Silk Fabric, by yard, distinctive designs

5403 1960s rare fine kimono silk mock-batik motifs,close-up01

Catalog# 5403

1960's Deadstock Kimono Fine Silk
Suitable for Framing: Unusual Floral Designs

Width: 14.5 inches / 36.8 cm

Length: 34 Inches / 86.3cm

US$10.00 per yard

Shipping free to USA under four pounds

Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: delicate light silk kimono fabric found in partial roll; 1960's  or earlier pieces derived from deadstock roll of high quality delicate kimono silk from late 1950s to 1960s; (Deadstock means old inventory which is like new, but has been in storage, never been used); 

Fabric Description: High quality distinctive type Japanese vintage silk kimono fabric, originally designed for use in making woman's silk kimono; This silk is of a type we seldom see, having an almost paper-like flat feel to it when held in palm of your hand (feels much like our 5396 silk);  it does not have much typical drape as it has a  slight stiffness but no sheen; seems good for multi-media artists work or framing;

The designs seem to us to mimic batik in the way the motifs are presented, both in color and the lines; Largest figures (circular) are about 4 inches (10cm) at widest point.

Colors: Back ground is a creamy very light pastel gray; flowers and figures are in white, gold, mustard, soft burgundy, dark green, dark purple (see close-ups). 

Condition: Excellent.

Note: If buying multiples of this, it will be sent in uncut length.



    $ 10.00

    5403: 1960's Japanese Kimono Silk Fabric, by yard, distinctive designs