5377: Silk Table-Runner From Vintage Japanese Maru-obi, Fans,Crane,Chrysanthemums

5377 table runner from vintage Japanese silk obi. full view

Catalog #5377

5377 table runner made from vintage obi, partial view

Accessories and Decor Items
Made from Vintage Japanese Textiles:

 Fans, Cranes, Flowers Brocade Obi Silk Table-Runner
with muslin backing liner

Width: 13.75 inches / 34.9 cm
Length: 38 inches (96.5cm)


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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree:  A surprise mixed in with some kimonos from a Japanese kimono cleaner (see 'Arai-Hari' below); Lovely, clean fine silk table runner with muslin fabric backing. Made from a high quality obi, probably an upper-end maruobi, the most decorative type obi(sash); age is estimated, probably 60's or earlier; Found in lots from Arai Hari (special Japanese kimono cleaner -- see info on Arai-Hari HERE from John Marshall, expert on Japanese textiles).

Fabric Type:  Thick high-quality tightly woven silk brocaded and interwoven; background is mostly golds and light burnished gold colors in differing shades; other colors: white,dark olive-green and red; Large Fans on traditional Japanese fans with decorative cords; chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms and  traditional background fields of circular stylized arching waves; Note that some of the gold tones have sheen, others intentionally lower in tone of gold to non-reflective.

Measurements: Width: 13.75 inches / 34.9 cm; Length: 38 inches (96.5cm)

Condition: Excellent for its age, clean and ready to use.

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5377: Silk Table-Runner From Vintage Japanese Maru-obi, Fans,Crane,Chrysanthemums