5345-INDIGO: 3 Pounds Vintage Indigo Cotton Fabrics for Sashiko, US$40.00

5345 indigo blue Japanese cotton fabrics for sashiko and more

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

Japanese Kimono Liner Fabric By 3 Pounds Lot

1950's-1980's Japanese Cotton Fabric

Three Pounds (net weight)
Vintage Indigo Kimono Liner Fabrics

Catalog # 5345:  

US$40.00 for one (1) 3 pounds lot
Plus Shipping (gwt = 4lbs)


Fabric History/Pedigree: 1950's-1980's, Found in large batch of liner and other fabrics in bolts and rolls. Some of these are from Arai-Hari (a Japanese specialist who deconstructs old kimonos and resells the fabrics or makes new items.), other bolts are deadstock unsold bolts of fabric.

Fabric Description: These indigo cottons were used mostly for making kimono liners or utilitarian garments. They average 13-14 inches wide (33-36cm) and bolts are usually 12 yards (11m) long. One bolt weighs on average 12 ounces to one pound so we estimate that a three pound lot would be 36 yards or more.  

NOTE: we are selling by-pound, so these yardage figures are approximations for your information; we do not guarantee a length of fabric, only weight.

Fabric Type: Most of these are all Japanese-spun cottons dyed in traditional Japanese indigo and are mostly light-to medium weight but very tightly woven. 

Colors: Mostly dark indigo to dark navy blues.

Condition:  Aged and perhaps musty but are all clean and  100% usable.

Notes: Recommended for use in replacing kimono liners, doing sashiko stitching projects, crafts and other sewing projects.
$ 40.00

5345-INDIGO: 3 Pounds Vintage Indigo Cotton Fabrics for Sashiko, US$40.00