5282: SOLD- 1940s Kimono Salesman's Sampler Silk Roll -34 Panels

5282 1940s roll salesmans sampler 34 panels
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Vintage Japanese Textiles: 
1940's Japanese Silk Fabric Roll

Kimono Sales Person's Sampler Roll

Catalog# 5282

(34  panels of different designs in one roll)
5282 roll view, 12+ yds
5282 1940s sampler roll, 34 panels, end of roll view
5282 panel closeup 1
5282 panel closeup-3,  numbered
5282 close up 12
5282 panel closeup

Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1940s,Probably Pre-War Japanese kimono fabric salesperson's sampler roll, with 34 different panels averaging 13"/33cm X 14"/35.6cm each.
Fabric Description: Silk roll, originally used as sampler by kimono salespersons; Each panel is numbered, some in western numerals, others in old (Pre-WWII) kanji (characters).
Fabric Type: Silk
Measurements: Roll: Width:13 inches / 33cm ; Length: at least 12 yards 11m
Colors: Wide range of colors, see pictures
Motifs: 34  different
Condition: Excellent
Cultural Notes:  Kimono salespersons in Japan used these fabric sampler rolls to show customers the different silks that were available to them in ordering a custom-made kimono.
5282 panel closeup 19 kanji
5282 panel closeup 30
$ 300.00

5282: SOLD- 1940s Kimono Salesman's Sampler Silk Roll -34 Panels