5276: Japanese Vintage Wool Fabric,1 Yd/.91m

5276:bingata style 1960s Japanese wool fabric,1yd,close-1

Catalog# 5276

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
Deadstock Japanese Wool Kimono Fabric
Bingata-style Motifs

Width:14.5 inches / 36.8cm

Length: 1Yard / .91m
US$8.00 per Yard 
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Item Details and Description

We are offering this light-weight deadstock 1960's or 1970's kimono wool fabric in minimum 14.5 inches X 1yd (36.8cm X 137cm) long pieces; multiple yards sold together are not cut; Originally intended for use in making a wool woman's kimono; Japanese wool is very tightly woven and only very slightly rough to the touch, easily mistaken for cotton.
Designs are on one side: Okinawan motifs called Bingata shapes which are stylized flowers, pine branches (see close-ups) NOT actual Bingata dyed process, just same motifs, a mock-bingata look; Color is quite different: background is a rusty-orange hue we've not seen much; looks more red in our photos here but in low room light the red aspect is much less. rusty-orange prevails; Fabric has minimal drape. 
$ 8.00

5276: Japanese Vintage Wool Fabric,1 Yd/.91m