5271:1960's 1.8yds Piece,Japanese Vintage Silk Brocaded 3 Silver-Gold Cranes

5271-1960's JapaneseBrocaded Silk, 3 Cranes,1.8yds view

(Above:Partial Close-up View of 1 Crane)

Catalog #5271

Vintage 1960's Japanese Textile: 

Vintage Japanese Silk Fabric, 1.8yds per piece
3 Cranes in Flight
Silver and Gold Metallic Thread Brocades Each 1.8yds

For Framing, DIY, Craft,Clothing Design, Creative Upcycling Uses

65"(1.8yds/1.6m) X 14.5 inches (37.8cm)
Cranes Measure about 15inches (38cm) wing-tip to beak(vertically)

US$13.00 per 1.8yds


Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree:  We found this as a dealer's deadstock extra large roll of kimono fabric; It was intended for use in making formal woman's kimonos; Distinctive fabric has brocaded large cranes which repeat lengthwise for the whole roll; The cranes repeat throughout in groups of three (shown in pictures above where you see only 3 cranes displayed -- cranes alternate from necks facing left then right).We're selling this in  odd-size lengths (1.8yds) so as not to damage/lose cranes when cutting for yard lengths.

Fabric Description:  Medium weight silk with embroidery and brocades of large cranes-in-flight. Slight sheen of base fabric; like new; slight drape.

Measurements:  65" (1.8yds/1.6m) X 14.5 inches (37.8cm); multiple piece orders will not be cut but minimum length honored to preserve the brocaded cranes, 3 per piece.

Colors: Fabric is a dark red with slight hint of shuiro orange(vermilion), presents as red in most lighting; Embroidered silver parts of the cranes (as evidenced by loose silver threads on back) are glittering silver and rest of cranes are brocade(interwoven) with burnished golds and silvers, off-whites and some patterns with more shuiro orange (vermillion) (see close-ups -- colors do vary with each device or monitor).

Motifs: These are classic Japanese traditional motifs of cranes in flight along with backgrounds of traditionally stylized waves and mountains; In traditional Japanese art cranes are associated with long-life, long-lasting marriages and a general sense of celebration. 

Condition: Outstanding for its age, colors still strong, clean,no stains or tears.

Suitable for framing, clothing and accessory designer purposes.

Please see all pictures for various close-ups. Please note that colors vary depending on monitor and device.

$ 13.00

5271:1960's 1.8yds Piece,Japanese Vintage Silk Brocaded 3 Silver-Gold Cranes