5270: SOLD-1940's Japanese Vintage Silk Brocaded Maru-Obi sash, 160", x2 sides

5270 1940s silk brocaded maruobi sash,pattern repeats
(Above:View of half length folded over)

Catalog #5270

Vintage 1940's Japanese Textile: 

Rare and Exquisite Pre-War 1940's  Japanese Silk Maruobi
Deconstructed at edges

For DIY, Craft,Clothing Design, Creative Upcycling Uses

160" (4.4yds/4.06m)  X 13.5" (34.9cm)



Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree:   This is a  maru-obi  (formal kimono sash) the double-sided type worn at weddings; made in 1940s - 1950s using  brocade designs with many complex designs in motif. This maru-obi has been deconstructed, but only along the seams so that it folds out to width of  27 inches (68.6cm) of fully brocaded fabric. No damage to the obi itself.

Fabric Description:  As shown in our pictures, this piece is replete with designs of many kind,no real empty spaces at all on this obi. Softer than the obi with metallics threads and more flexible to work with.

Measurements:  160" (4.4yds/4.06m)  X 13.5" (34.9cm), (design on both sides so effectively 8.8 yds (8.12m) of ornate brocade design fabric.

Colors: Predominant colors are shuiro orange (vermilion with slightly more orange hue), dark oranges, red and lesser proportions of the rest: dark olive greens, black, copper, burnished gold, soft silver, whites (see close-ups -- colors do vary with each device or monitor).

Motifs: These are classic Japanese traditional motifs associated with celebrations, high social status and wealth; Motif designs are on both sides and we show close-ups of the under(in)side brocade threads; Designs include: Many flowers(chrysantheums, peonies, cherry blossoms, traditional stylized pine branches, decorative ribbons and cords, fans,gift boxes, temari balls, decorative fabric-covered clam shells (such clam shells are often used as decorations during celebrations in traditional Japan) and even some small phoenix birds -- pretty much the full register of traditional Japanese symbols and designs.

Condition: Outstanding for its age, colors still strong, clean,no stains or tears; side and end stitches have been taken out;  parts of this lovely obi could be framed. Fabric is more malleable than most maruobi of this period as the makers elected to omit the metallic and glitter threads most often seen in these wedding obi making it lighter and more pliable.

Suitable for framing, clothing and accessory designer purposes.

Please see all pictures for various close-ups. Please note that colors vary depending on monitor and device.

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5270: SOLD-1940's Japanese Vintage Silk Brocaded Maru-Obi sash, 160", x2 sides