5265: 1970's Ornate Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric,Metallic Threads 1yd

5265:1970's Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric,close-up01

Catalog #5265
Antique-Vintage Japanese Textiles:

 1970's Ornate Japanese Silk Piece

Cascade of Traditional Stylized Japanese Motifs
 Lady's Silk  Kimono Fabric
Metallic Threads Interwoven Throughout

Width:14.5 inches / 36.8 cm
Length: 1 yd  / .91m

US$15.00 per yard 

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1970's, deadstock (like new just never used from previous period)  silk; Found in full roll (Contact us for discounted price if you want whole roll);

High quality silk with extensive metallic thread interwoven throughout (gold-white gold reflectivity; Tech Note: Glitter effect  does not show much in our studio pictures here, but in regular room light glitter is obvious).

Fabric Description: Classic designs in abundance on a creamy ivory background (though most of fabric is filled with designs); fabric is not a damask and has no sheen, is slightly rough to the touch.

Fabric Type: Light-Medium-weight high quality silk, minimal drape (due to abundance of the metallic threads); design on one side but back is mosaic showing extensive metallic thread and interweaving. Replete with multiple tradtional Japanese designs.

Measurements: Sold in one yard increments -- Width= 14 inches / 36.8 cm ; Length= 1 yard | .91m) in one piece; Multiple yards orders will be sent as one piece unless requested otherwise.

Colors: Background colors are creamy-ivory for empty fields(not much as most of fabric has motifs); dominant motifs are in peach, dark colonial blue,plum, rusty-burgundy and other dark burgundy hues,and dark greens, while flowers are in many colors, darks and pastels (see close-ups).

Motifs: Traditional Stylized Japanese Designs - A cascade of various shibori-look and solid or designed  fields; streams, clouds, waves, multiple flower types (chrysanthemums, plum and cherry blossoms, maple leaves,pine trees/forests). Classic fullness of traditional Japanese aesthetic motifs found in higher end kimono fabrics.

Condition: Outstanding for its age, colors still strong, clean,no stains or tears.
multiple pieces now available; available yardage count shows at order button.

Suitable for framing and various creative clothing accessory designer purposes.

$ 15.00

5265: 1970's Ornate Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric,Metallic Threads 1yd