5262: 1930's Rare Japanese Silk Piece,Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric,PalaceDolls

5262: 1940s Rare Japanese Silk, Palace Dolls, close-up11

Catalog #5262
Antique Japanese Textiles:

Rare and Exquisite Pre-War 1930's-1940's  Japanese Silk Piece 

Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric, Traditional Seldom-Seen Motif:

(From Arai-Hari, Our Special Kimono Cleaners in Japan)

Rare Gosho Ningyo (Palace Dolls) Designs:
3 Palace Doll  figures on fans, full floral & other traditional Japanese designs

Width:13.75 inches / 34.9 cm
Length: 52 inches  / 1.32m

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Suitable For Framing and Display

Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: , We estimate this to be a pre-WWII (1930s to 1940s) rare design and type silk; it is derived from used lady's ceremonial silk kimono, furisode type; taken apart and cleaned in Japan by Arai-Hari (our specialty kimono cleaners in Japan); Received two full pieces of this size

Fabric Description:  Light-weight fine silk. in excellent condition for its age;  Silk is unusual weave, has a slightly textured feel to it, no sheen. Background mustard color and look of the palace dolls is highly unusual. Usually associated with pre-war designs.

Measurements: Width=13.75 inches / 34.9cm ; Length= 52inches (1.32m) per piece; Dolls average 7 inches high (17.8cm).

Colors: Background is a darker shade of mustard (unusual); Wide ranges of colors for the resplendent motifs in both pastels and darks; Note that there are fold lines across center of some of the close-ups, these are not permanent and can be pressed out.

Motifs: Cascade of clusters of fans with many type flowers  surrounding  three Gosho NIngyo (Palace Dolls) and other traditional motifs; Note subtle geometric grid shapes interwoven throughout; Motif designs are on one side but visible on reverse.

Condition: Outstanding for its age, colors still strong, clean,no stains or tears other than pin holes along edgings. There is one small black dye-overflow on one of the pieces, barely noticeable; This delicate fabric recommended for framing or making scarf and accessories using backing if done by professional artisan with experience working with antique silks. One piece now available.

Suitable for framing,scarf or clothing accessory designer purposes.

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5262: 1930's Rare Japanese Silk Piece,Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric,PalaceDolls