5258: SOLD-1950's Japanese Silk Piece,Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric,Full Floral Ornate

5258: 1950's Silk, arai-hari cleaned; this pattern repeats

Catalog #5258
Antique Japanese Textiles:

Exquisite 1950's Japanese Silk Piece 56" / 1.42m

Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric, Traditional Full Floral Ornate Motif:

Peonies, Maple Leaves, Chrysanthemums
Multiple Other Flower types, temari balls, clouds, kimono fabric
Many traditional images replete throughout.
From Arai-Hari, Special Kimono Cleaners

Width:13.75 inches / 34.9 cm
Length: 56 inches  / 1.42m

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Suitable For Framing

Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1950's, derived from used lady's ceremonial silk kimono, furisode type; taken apart and cleaned in Japan by Arai-Hari (specialty kimono cleaners in Japan); Received three full pieces of this size; designs shown are uninterrupted the full length; 

Fabric Description: Cascade of clusters of flowers and other traditional motifs on light-weight fine silk from 1950s, in excellent condition;  Continuous designs running full length of piece; Sold by 56 inch (1.42m) piece.

Fabric Type: light-weight silk, has fine texture to touch but no sheen, slight drape; higher quality Japanese silk of 50's.

Measurements: Width=13.75 inches / 34.9cm ; Length= 56inches (1.42m) per piece.

Colors: Background -- what little there is, as designs fill the fabric -- is a deep purple indigo; Wide ranges of colors for the resplendent motifs in both pastels and darks; 

Motifs: This fabric is distinctive in that it has the following in addition to the usual fullness of flowers seen in these furisode fabrics of that period:  Images of folds of kimono  fabric, Temari ball designs filled also with traditional shapes and designs as well as multiple flowers; decorative cords and more in circular shape (see multiple close-ups); Sizes of the clusters of the motifs are from 5 inches (12.7cm) to 10 inches (25.4cm) at widest points(see close-ups with measuring tape shown);  Designs are on one side.

Condition: Outstanding for its age, colors still strong, clean,no stains or tears.
Suitable for framing or making scarf and accessories. 3 pieces now available.

Suitable for framing,scarf or clothing accessory designer purposes.

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5258: SOLD-1950's Japanese Silk Piece,Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric,Full Floral Ornate