5252: SOLD1980's Japanese Silk 3+Yds , Silk Kimono Fabric

5252 1980's Japanese Silk, Ornate Floral Motifs, half yd

Catalog# 5252

1980's Japanese Silk Piece
Ladies Ceremonial Silk Kimono Fabric
Chirimen (Crepe) Exquisite Floral Cornucopia

Width:14.75 inches / 37.4 cm

Length:  3yds 14in.  /  3.1m

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Suitable For Framing, Scarves, Accessories

5252: This 24 inch | 61cm pattern repeats full length

Above: This pattern repeats continuously throughout the whole length

Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1980's deadstock (new off shelf but older) fine silk, good drape, never used in outstanding condition; Found as one full piece; designs are uninterrupted and the pattern in picture above repeats throughout the full length. 

Fabric Description:  Highly ornate continuous designs running full length, same designs repeat approximately every 24 inches; sold as single piece of 3.39yd / 3.1m. Designs on one side.

Fabric Type: light-medium weight silk, slight chirimen crepe texture, good drape; higher quality silk of 80's.

Measurements: Width:14.75 inches / 37.4 cm; Length:  3yds 14in.  /  3.1m

Colors: Remarkable variety of colors, too many to list; See close-ups.

Motifs: Fully ornate with very little solid background showing; background is deep indigo blue; there are some metallic gold  accents here and there throughout; in addition to multiple floral types(most all types of flowers and plants usually seen in this type design) there are clouds, streams,fans, festive ribbons and cords, kimono fabric panels all in clusters which run continuously for full length; simply gorgeous and elegant in the classic Japanese style.

Condition: Outstanding for its age, colors still strong, clean,no stains or tears.

Notes: We believe this is suitable for framing or could be made into scarves,  accessories and other creative projects.

$ 45.00

5252: SOLD1980's Japanese Silk 3+Yds , Silk Kimono Fabric