5251: 1950's Collectible Japanese Mini-Hakama Salesman's Sampler, Cotton

5251 mini-hakama salesperson's sampler, front view

Vintage Japanese Textiles: 

1950's Japanese Sales Person's Sampler  Hakama
16.5" long x 11.75" wide(bottom hem)
(29.8cm x 41.9cm)

Suggested as Collector's or Display Piece

Catalog# 5251

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Item Details and Description

History/Pedigree: 1950's Japanese kimono fabric sales person's sampler hakama; Found in batch of regular vintage kimonos. In original bindings; made to scale.

Description: Medium weight high quality Japanese  cotton, slightly textured to touch, with pin stripes; originally used as sampler by kimono makers sale's persons who took them around to stores, shops and individual custom order customers; note that the thin white X-shaped threads are basting thread, temporarily used to keep pleats in place and hold garment shape during storage. We strongly recommend new owner not to remove these threads as it would detract from the collectible value of this piece.

Fabric Type: Cotton.
Measurements: Width at top, not counting straps: 11.75in. / 29.8cm ; Length to bottom hem: 16.5 / 41.9cm;

Colors: Brown-Black background with tiny pixels in pin stripes which are very light mustard; See closeups.

Condition: Excellent.

Cultural Notes:  Kimono salespersons in Japan used these sorts of samplers  to show customers; Still in original bindings and maker's label; Label says maker's name, Tanaka Michiko, stock information and red seal maker's approval mark.
$ 35.00

5251: 1950's Collectible Japanese Mini-Hakama Salesman's Sampler, Cotton