5248: SOLD-1950's Japanese Cotton Roll,Deadstock (10yds|9m) Vintage Yukata Fabric

5248: 1950s Cotton Roll, Japanese yukata fabric,bolt view

Vintage/Antique Japanese Textiles: 

1950's Japanese Cotton Roll
 Vintage Deadstock Cotton Fabric
Childhood Motifs(Teddy Bears)
(10yds | 9.15m)
Catalog# 5247 

US$45.00 (plus shipping)

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: Found in original roll; 1950's cotton for making summer yukata, possibly for children or younger person based on the motifs. Very unusual, this sort of thing is rarely seen from that period.

Fabric Description:  Light weight white cotton, with motifs of teddy bears holding a camera or purse or waving (see close-ups).
Fabric Type:  Bath house yukata type cotton. Cotton is still firm, will soften with wash(cool water, hand-wash separately, see our FAQs for tips on care and cleaning of vintage Japanese fabrics.)
Measurements(bolt): Width: 13.75" / 34.9cm inches; Length: 10 yards/9.15m
Colors: fabric is flat white with designs in mostly indigo and light to dark colonial blue plus some of the diamond shapes in a dark brown.
Condition: Very clean, excellent condition, has not faded with age.
$ 45.00

5248: SOLD-1950's Japanese Cotton Roll,Deadstock (10yds|9m) Vintage Yukata Fabric