5245: 1950's Rare Fine Japanese Wool Kimono Fabric, Childrens Motif

5245:1950s Japanese wool children's fabric closeup1

Catalog# 5245

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

1950's Fine Light Kimono Wool
Children's Toys Motifs

Width: 27.5 inches / 69.8 cm

Length: 38.75  / 98.4 cm

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1950's or earlier rare fine delicate wool used for making children's kimono; We rarely see wool of this type, which is smooth with slight drape and can easily be mistaken for silk.

(Cultural History Notes:  There was dramatic change within the growing domestic culture and economy of Japan in the Post-World War II period:  Japanese textile designers began to include various western type designs in making their kimono and clothing fabrics; this took place at the same time that  Japanese women began wearing western dresses etc, and began using some Western style baby clothing, diapers and  decor in their homes as the Japanese middle class grew. This piece of fabric was probably part of this change in post-war Japan(1945-1960) so we believe it was NOT a made-for-export product.)

Fabric Description:  100% fine Japanese wool; Sold in one piece.
Measurements: Width: 27.5 inches / 69.8 cm; Length: 38.75  / 98.4 cm
Colors: Background color is bright pink; toys and designs are in bright primary colors (see close-ups).

Motifs: Wide variety of children's designs, rabbits, toy trains,balloons, birds, country barn (Western non-Japanese style), potted flowers and polka-dotted mushrooms; design printed on one side but visible on reverse.

Condition: For its age it is in excellent condition, clean and strong.

$ 20.00

5245: 1950's Rare Fine Japanese Wool Kimono Fabric, Childrens Motif