5241: SOLD -1940's Japanese Silk Bolt, (12yds|11m) Deadstock Antique

5241 silk bolt 1940's-50's brown kimono fabric

Vintage/Antique Japanese Textiles: 

1940's-1950's Japanese Silk Bolt
Deadstock Tiny Plaid Brown Fabric
Catalog# 5241 

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: Found in original bindings and labels; 1940's-1950's quality silk bolt for making kimono.
Fabric Description:  High quality light-weight tightly woven silk; plaid squares are 3/16 inches(.188"/4.77mm) square in slightly darker brown with very pale blue lines superimposed as part of the mini-plaid. 
Fabric Type: Silk
Measurements(bolt): Width: 13 7/8"/35.3cm inches ; Length: 12 yards/11m 
Colors: dark brown, light brown, pale blue, rusty brown.
Note on color in our pictures: The third picture showing a yellow and dark blue label has the closest rendering of the colors of this fabric on our monitor here; picture of full bolt is darker in the picture here.
Condition: Very clean, excellent condition, has not faded with age.
Cultural Notes:  This kind of silk was used in making kimonos.
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5241: SOLD -1940's Japanese Silk Bolt, (12yds|11m) Deadstock Antique