5088: 1980's Japanese Silk Piece,Deadstock 1 yd/.91m

5088 Vintage Deadstock Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric, 1 yd

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
Deadstock 1980's Silk Kimono Fabric
14.5" wide
Catalog# 5088

US$8.00 per yard(91cm)

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Item Details and Description

We are offering this fabric in minimum 14.5 inches X 1 yard (35.6cm X 91cm) long pieces of deadstock silk (new but unsold stock) estimated from the 1980's; This silk is a tightly woven light-medium weight fabric in light rose color background with flowers of different sizes arranged symmetrically; also has textured(rough to touch)interwoven designs of vine plants(see close-ups); flower colors are dark red-burgundy, dark colonial blue and greens,reds.
This silk originally was intended to be used to make a woman's kimono; Fabric is strong, still slightly firm.
Recommended for any variety of creative applications.

    $ 8.00

    5088: 1980's Japanese Silk Piece,Deadstock 1 yd/.91m