4839:Japanese Vintage Mock-Kasuri Asa(Hemp) Poly Blend Fabric,1 Yd/.91m

4839, mock white kasuri, blend asa-hemp-cotton-poly 1/2yd

Catalog# 4839

Unusual Blend of Deadstock 1960's Asa (Hemp), Cotton & Synthetic Blend
 Kimono (Yukata) Fabric (Mock-Kasuri: Swallows)

Width:14 inches / 38.1cm
Length: 1Yard / .91m

US$8.00 per Yard (plus shipping)

Item Details and Description

  • Fabric History/Pedigree: From roll of deadstock blend (asa,cotton, synthetic)made for use in making women's kimono, 1960's-70's.
  • Fabric Description: This is called 'mock kasuri' as it is not pre-dyed with resist paste dyeing); Note that the geometric patterns and figures seem blurred -- this is part of the kasuri (ikat) look, an intentional blurring caused by the kasuri-making process. (This is NOT kasuri.)
  • Fabric Type: Light, mock-kasuri design.The differences we see in this piece are that there are very thin stripes of green across, width-wise as well as the fabric weave itself creates a textured feel; The white is an off-white.
  • Measurements: Width:14 inches / 35.6cm;Length= 1Yard (.91m).
  • Colors:  This is on plain white fabric with printed kasuri-like designs in dark brown, mustard and green; note also there are striations of mustard colors which create a sort of cream effect, even as the fabric is off-white;
  • Motifs: Traditional kasuri patterns of swallows.
  • Condition: Excellent.
  • Notes: Recommended for any variety of creative applications.
$ 8.00

4839:Japanese Vintage Mock-Kasuri Asa(Hemp) Poly Blend Fabric,1 Yd/.91m