3401:Late 1800's(Meiji) Tsutsugaki Futonji,50"x62",4 Panel (Clearance Sale)

3401: Antique Japanese Textile, tsutsugaki futonji

Catalog #:3401

Antique Japanese Textile: 

Late 1800's (Meiji) 4 panel Tsutsugaki Futonji Indigo Blue(Butterflies, cranes, tortoise, pine, bamboo & plum blossom)

50.5" X 61.75"

(1.28m x 1.57m)

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We are soon closing the antique Japanese textile section of our business and as a result are offering at steep discount price this rare and exquisite antique Japanese textile at unprecedented low price.
This is a piece of Japanese vintage fabric called tsutsugaki (def:rice paste resist free-style drawn by hand, with tube).The piece was probably a futonji (mattress cover) top or ceremonial bride's quilt and is made from 4 panels, hand-sewn together; total measurements are: 59.5" X 57"(1.28m X 1.57m); Panels are approximately 12.75" X 61.75 (32.4cm X 1.57m). Made from late 1800's to early 1900's (Meiji Period). Museum quality, minimal to no stains, just slight patina due to age.

Motifs: Butterflies, cranes, tortoises, pine, bamboo & plum blossom . Please see pictures.
Colors: Dark indigo blue,whites and red.
CONDITION: EXCELLENT for age; minimal fade of patina; clean, no holes.
Recommended for collectors, Japanese textile historians and artists/decorators.

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3401:Late 1800's(Meiji) Tsutsugaki Futonji,50"x62",4 Panel (Clearance Sale)