210-LADY-HAKAMA-PC: Vintage Japanese Ladies Hakama, by Garment

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Vintage Japanese Ladies Mock-Silk Hakama 
Sold by Individual Garment

Catalog #: 210-LADY-HAKAMA-PC

US$45.00 per Garment
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We are offering these woman's hakama sold by individual garments. They are wearable, used, and good quality vintage Japanese mock-silk (synthetic).

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Background Cultural Information: 

In recent years in Japan,  young women have taken to wearing hakama in non-traditional ways (see pictures above), often worn with kimono for college graduation or other formal situations. We recently wrote about this new Japanese fashion trend in our previous blog.

Product Details:

  • Size: Standard Japanese Sizes from pre-1980s (USA Smaller women's sizes).

  • Wear: Waist board area is flexible (unlike men's hakama) as the women's  hakama is worn to just below the bust line; No obi/sash is needed, as straps are attached as part of the hakama (See pink drawing below);

    See also our various pictures on this page  for various ways that young women are wearing hakama these days; note particularly the use of vintage or retro boots/shoes, purses, accessories;

    Also, to see women's hakama as worn at recent summer's Tokyo Olympics, please visit our blog about this HERE.

Below: Woman's Hakama - View from the front -

lady hakama drawing, back view
  • Colors: Various.


Questions?: Please send us a message HERE (please include product number). 

$ 45.00

210-LADY-HAKAMA-PC: Vintage Japanese Ladies Hakama, by Garment