110-MEN: By-Pound Vintage Mens Japanese Long Kimono Package

PIle of 10lbs Mens Kimono Package 110-MENS

Men's Long Japanese Kimono Package


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(Each Package is Unique)

These packages are comprised of men's long kimonos, mostly silk and silk blend, sometimes cotton and wool; yukata (lighter bath robe types) are NOT included; there are NO haori (kimono short jackets). Colors are all darks, black, black-brown, dark gray, navy blues, various pinstripes, tiny plaids etc (see picture above); These are in good shape, wearable but as vintage please keep in mind that they may have some wrinkling,  slight stains & imperfections, sometimes musty odor.

This is a BY-POUND product, not based on piece-count. In general, they weigh 1-2lbs per piece, average count is 6-7 per ten pounds. We do not guarantee count, as this is a by-pound product but this gives you an idea of how much is in each package.

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110-MEN: By-Pound Vintage Mens Japanese Long Kimono Package