110-KASURI10-95: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Kasuri Cotton Garments, Furoshiki, Other

110-COTTON-SPEC-10 10LBS Full Pile
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Special Vintage / Antique Japanese Cottons by-Pound:

10 Pounds Vintage Japanese Cotton Kimonos --
Kasuri Garments, Happi Coats, Work Jacket (Jinbei), Furoshiki Wrapping Cloths Package, Other Kasuri Items

Catalog #: 110-KASURI10

US$95.00 Plus the Actual Shipping Cost 



In the course of picking and sorting for our bulk vintage Japanese kimono packages and fabrics by pieces throughout the year, we set aside these special cotton garments and textile pieces until we had enough for this. 


  • Older vintage cotton kasuri kimono garments
  • Kasuri Jacket
  • Jinbei (work jacket)
  • 2 Happi Coats (also called hanten, for summer festivals)
  • Cotton Furoshiki (wrapping cloths).
  • Miscellaneous old vintage kasuri cotton fabric pieces


    These are all vintage and antique Japanese cotton garments, fabrics, and furoshiki; while they may have some very slight stains & imperfections they are not of 'rag' quality but all are clean and usable for crafts, art projects, design, or casual vintage wear. We have special instructions for washing these HERE; some pieces may be musty, having been in storage for decades.


    The first image is the full 10 pounds in a pile; Subsequent pictures are close-ups from top third to bottom third.

        $ 95.00

        110-KASURI10-95: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Kasuri Cotton Garments, Furoshiki, Other