110-H-5: Five Pound Package Vintage Hakama (Kimono Pants) CLEARANCE SALE

10 pounds hakama, SAMPLE view 1, typical types

Vintage Japanese Hakama 
Clearance Sale -- 1 Only

(Kimono Pants) by-Pound
H Package

Mixed Silk,Silk Blend,Synthetic Blends & Cotton Hakama by the pound

US$50.00 Plus Actual Shipping Cost*

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(Clearance Package: We usually sell this in ten pounds minimum packages. This  is not regularly available and is offered as part of a one-time clearance sale.)


Packages are comprised of varying mix:

These are called hakama, or, a type of traditional kimono pants bottom. There are 2 types, split and not split. The split kind are worn more by martial artists and the non-split by musicians or at traditional formal ceremonies (wedding etc). Sold by the pound in mix of silks, silk-blends, synthetics and sometimes cotton. These are all darks (no whites included), mostly navy blue, dark brown, brownish black, gray,usual traditional dark colors & pinstripes or tiny dots pattern(looks solid from a distance); Whites or Silvers are less commonly seen in the mix. Reminder that sizes are for typical Japanese adults of the 80's or earlier, so someone over 5'10" to 6 feet tall may not fit into most of these. Waist is not an issue due to the open design and tying of the traditional hakama. Average lengths of these vintage hakama is 34 inches (86cm) +/- 3 inches (8cm), measured from waist line (not from board at top of front).


NOTE: Pictures show a sample 10 pound assortment(Not 5 pounds). Each package is unique but the pictures of the pile are representative of selection in each 110-H package.

These are mostly wearable but as vintage, they may have some slight stains & imperfections.


This is a BY-POUND product, not based on piece-count.
In general they weigh from 1 to 2lbs on average per piece, so average 6-8 pieces per ten pounds. We do not guarantee count, as this is a by-pound product, but these estimations give a good idea of what you get in a typical order.

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110-H-5: Five Pound Package Vintage Hakama (Kimono Pants) CLEARANCE SALE