110-CTN: 10 Pounds Vintage Japanese Cotton Package

110-CTN: Image of 10 pounds cotton package

Vintage Cotton Japanese Fabrics by-Pound:

Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth), Few Cotton Kimono & Happi Coats Package

CTN Package
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10lbs Minimum @US$9.00/lb

Minimum Order: US$90.00 Plus Actual Shipping Cost *

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Packages are comprised of :

Mostly furoshiki (traditional wrapping cloths), with a few happi coats and sometimes cotton kimonos if on-hand;also pieces of vintage cotton fabrics. Furoshiki are all different and are traditional with various motifs. Perfect for crafts, sashiko, quilters and designers. Each package is unique; Minimum order is 10lbs ($90.00) plus shipping.


These are all deadstock and/or vintage and while they may have some slight stains & imperfections are not of 'rag' quality but all clean and useable.

    This package is very popular among our members. We accumulate this slowly throughout the year but find that it sells out pretty quickly when we announce its availability. We offer it to our opt-in members first when we have it available or you can also join our wait list by signing up to receive promotions at bottom of each page.

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    $ 90.00

    110-CTN: 10 Pounds Vintage Japanese Cotton Package