Wholesale - Trades Discount Policy YokoDana Kimono

YokoDana Kimono:  Wholesale Pricing

(Ver.: November 8, 2022)

 Background Explanation:

Due to the fact that we deal in mostly one-of-a-kind items, works of fabric art and unique vintage pieces, the 'rules' of wholesale are somewhat different than when dealing with conventionally manufactured items. We rarely get more than one roll/bolt of any particular vintage fabric, so as our pricing philosophy is somewhat different, so too is our application of discounts.

As our purchasing prices vary considerably with the market and over time, the more valuable or rare antique textiles can not always be discounted to the same extent as our regular vintage kimono fabric pieces. 

As our bulk kimono packages are already sold by the pound, they are already at wholesale  prices. Please see details below.

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Trades Price List

We offer wholesale pricing to merchants, designers, artists, cottage artisans and small businesses who purchase in volume, as detailed below:
  • Bulk Kimono Packages, No additional wholesale discount(Bulk Kimono by-Pound,):

As the product is already by-pound priced, we offer no additional wholesale discount . Commercial customers who order over 500 pounds may be considered for discount in some cases.

  • Wholesale Rates for Kimono Fabric Pieces: 

The terms of wholesale depend on the amount of each shipment. As we rarely get more than 1 roll/bolt (average 12yds/11m X 15inches/38.1cm ) of each fabric, we base wholesale discounts on the total cost amount of fabric purchased per order. If planning to purchase large amount of fabrics-by-piece, contact us if you expect to spend more than US$250, contact us and we'll assign a discount based on total of merchandise. Discounts are not automatically applied in our checkout system, so most often are refunded post-purchase, or if we create a special invoice before the purchase.

EXCEPTION: Certain special antique fabrics, such as kasuri ,or select silks, may not be eligible for these discounts.